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Goodwill Abounds

Today’s Good News story has two parts, and neither is about an individual.

The first is about a movement which is taking hold across the country. More than a few generous souls are anonymously paying off Kmart layaway bills so that other families don’t have to struggle so hard at Christmas. As you’ll read in this article, which my son shared with me, donors are specifically asking to pay the bills for young children, to make sure they don’t go without. And they are leaving a small balance to ensure that the account stays active. Kudos to the kind and smart donors.

My friend Bev shared a story about another kindness, this one performed by… a moose at a zoo in Idaho. No longer anonymous, the ironically-named Shooter was photographed during the act of rescuing a tiny (compared to him) new friend.

It seems the desire to help our fellow creatures is instinctual, if we only pay attention to it.

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2 Responses to “Goodwill Abounds”

  1. Sandra Carrington-Smith Says:

    I LOVE this story! I stumbled into the article yesterday and was profoundly touched by it. What that lady did reflects the true spirit of Christmas, and allows others to reflect on what counts most.

  2. Elaine Klonicki Says:

    Agreed, Sandra. She set a wonderful example. Sometimes we just need to be reminded about reaching out and helping others. This year, especially, we seem to be hearing about more of these acts of kindness.

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